Rent A Team Overview

Rent A Team welcomes you! We pride ourselves in a Turn Key Solution to all your construction needs

Rent A Team has earned the reputation of an expert in the field of light steel frame construction. We offer the full spectrum of construction services and have completed a wide variety of building projects - from residential to commercial, industrial and light steel construction developments

Our stable infrastructure, advanced technology, network of professionals and diligent business management allowed us to expand our international footprint
The number of projects completed since our inception has helped us achieve record growth figures, but what we're most proud of is the fact that we've set building industry best practice standards and benchmarks - influencing the future of construction nationally

With offices in the Western Cape, Rent A Team has grown to become a major contributor in employment creation, economic growth and developing alternative, sustainable construction practices within South Africa and the Southern African region..

Rent A Team offers the entire spectrum of construction services, including architectural support, detailed shop drawing design, structural engineering, quantity surveying, distribution, and construction. We also offer in-house research, project management, software development, product development, marketing & sales, property development, commercial business brokerage, and exports..


Our construction methods, procedures and policies are approved by all the required authorities, as well as by government, all banks and municipalities:


Rent A Team
2 Van Spilbergen street,
Western Cape


Cell: 27 (0) 76 486 2942